BearClaw Records of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Producer and Distributor of Native American music, is one of the newest independent Record labels in the Native American Music Industry as well as one of the newest Cultural companies in the State of Colorado.

BearClaw Records was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Allen and Kimberly Mose, Jr. The Moses opened their first Recording Studio in Colorado Springs in the fall of 2005. BearClaw Records, served as an important outlet and supporter of the Music, Recording Artists, Culture, and Community.

Allen worked aspirations to make the Native American drum an instrument for people of all walks of life, to develop a career in World music, and to explore the Native American Traditional Music in a new Cultural contexts which resulted in Allen recording his very own 1st solo Album titled “Entity”.

For the Record label Allen Produced and Recorded, and Kimberly took over the business side of it. This made Kimberly one of a small number of women managing an independent Record Label in the early 2000s while still working a full-time job as an accountant for a Automobile Dealership. Despite the demands of operating a company, whenever possible the Moses would spend several days with much needed time with family and friends.

In 2007, the Moses started BearClaw Native American Entertainment expanded the efforts of BearClaw Records. which was a laborious process involving extensive travel across the country for entertainment gigs. In 2009, Allen made an Album with his eldest son Orian J. Mose (O. Jay Moz) titled “Holistic Blessings” and a new era in Native American Traditional music began.

Prior to the album “Entity”, most of BearClaw Records sales were to the Native American community and at concert shows. With the release of the Album “Holistic Blessings”, BearClaw Records began to place this Album in World music oriented Retail Stores, New Age Gift Shops and Social Media such as Spotify and iTunes just to name a few. As it became clear that his music had significant crossover potential in the Retail and Social Media markets, BearClaw Records planned and began to build a new way for distribution. The soothing, transporting quality of Native American Traditional music was instantly attractive, and for all non-Native listeners, their two Album recordings quickly redefined Native American sound and music. Allen’s music easily entered the expansion of Native American music into mainstream Retail and wholesalers in the late 2000s.

BearClaw Records continues to release recordings of their Traditional and Contemporary music styles performed by him and his son. Allen, as a producer for BearClaw Records, has been working with others Recording Artists on developing new sounds and styles of Native American and World music that expand upon Traditional and World song form and performance. Throughout the years, BearClaw Records worked closely with Victor Carbonell, one of the best Sound and Recording engineers in Colorado. Carbonell , who worked with one of the biggest names in the Music Industry “Motley Crue”, was instrumental in creating the soothing and calming sound that captivated millions of listeners and bringing cutting edge audio engineering production to BearClaw Records.

Allen has won a GRAMMY┬« Award in 2009 for The Best Native American Music Album Of The Year for the Album titled “Come To Me Great Mystery” on Silverwave Records label and 3 Native American Music Awards (Nammys) Nominations.